I’ve been geeking out over the upcoming Wii game, Epic Mickey for awhile now, and it really would be a shock if the game disappoints. It hits every mark for me.

  • It stars Mickey, a surprisingly underused (in terms of video games-though the Kingdom Hearts series is phenomenal, and this was an awesome game from my childhood) iconic character recognized the world over.
  • A famed innovative game designer (Warren Spector of Deus Ex, Wing Commander, and Ultima fame).
  • A fabulous concept about forgotten Disney characters living in a Cartoon Wasteland.
  • Gorgeous 2-D side-scrolling platform levels that recreate classic Mickey cartoons.
  • 3-D action adventure platforming levels with hints of RPG elements (such as an inFamous-esque morality system).
  • A magic paintbrush you can use to paint things into the environment or dip into thinner to erase obstacles.

Essentially, it should be no less than amazing.

Perhaps as exciting as the game itself, is this gorgeous concept art that was leaked online about a year ago. Click here to see more. Concept art is by Fred Gambino and Gary Glover.