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Those in red, you know what to do.

I was driving the other day and looking through some older CDs and came across this fabulous debut LP from 2004. It’s held up surprisingly well, sounding current, but at the same time wearing its plentiful influences on its sleeve (ranging from Wilco, to 90s shoegaze pop, to Motown, to Velvet Underground, to Wire, to Elliot Smith, to Spiritualized, to British new wave). AMG summed the album up best by calling it “a guided tour through the last 20 years of guitar rock.” They would follow three years later with phenomenal New English EP in 2006, but have been stuck in a whirlwind of drama ever since. With numerous band members leaving, dramatic legal complications with their bankrupt label TVT (who attempted to sell their back catalog and prevent them from releasing new music), the future of the band is a bit in limbo. A visit to their myspace page seems promising though, with a few new songs, and the news that they are looking for a new label to work with soon.

Enjoy these videos:


Heavy Lifting

Stay Where You Are