Brandon Flowers | Flamingo (deluxe edition)

Those in red, you know what to do.

Sounding very much like the next Killer’s album (take that in whatever way you choose to), and with a country-influence sprinkled throughout, Brandon Flowers solo debut feels like a logical progression of where the band has gone from album to album. But with a lack of many instantly catchy tunes, and too many songs that demonstrate the limits of Flowers vocal and lyrical abilities, the album is a let down. That is not to say it doesn’t have a few standouts. His Jenny Lewis duet, Hard Enough, sounds very Fleetwood Mac in a good way, and Jilted Lovers & Broken Flowers is a very solid track that would fit well within the band’s greatest hits. Only the Young and Magdalena are both enjoyable tracks, but neither have that immediate attraction to make solid singles. And, I think beyond anything else, that’s the biggest problem with the album, it’s merely an okay to good album. Perhaps, some may take that over the wildly patchy Killer’s albums. Anyhoo, enjoy!

Enjoy these previews:

Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts (live)