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Michael Merzenich on re-wiring the brain

Sorry about the lack of updates…been a crazy week, and just about ready to launch the new and improved version of the site. For now, enjoy this fascinating talk about the brain’s ability to actively re-wire itself. Oh, and look for in the next week the new features from our newest addition to the blogging team…a feature called Around Town…Hope everyone is well…some amazing albums are also on there way…okay I’m rambling!


Dan Pink on the Surprising Science of Motivation

From the author of A Whole New Mind (a book anyone working in a leadership role within a company should read, about the importance and place for creativity within the modern workplace), Dan Pink presents this fascinating speech about what actually motivates people to do things. Please enjoy if you need a little mid-week motivation!

Katy Perry | Teenage Dream

This request goes out to the fabulous Sally! Thank you for calling in!

Wow…what to say, what to say about this request. Definitely something different for the blog, and definitely falls into next week’s Gold Soundz theme (guilty pleasures). All I’ll say about this album is that it’s sugary pop, through and through, and with my guilty pleasure love of the Spice Girls, I have no business being too critical.

What I will write about is Katy Perry’s early years, which are a stark contrast to the sex kitten pop star she has turned into. Let’s travel back in time a bit. The year is 2001, and a young 15 year old named Katheryn Hudson, raised on the good lord’s music, has just been signed to Christian music label, Red Hill. Full of good old fashioned country/gospel/Jesus-lovin’ tunes, the album flopped and the label closed up. Flash forward a couple years, young Katheryn Hudson has changed her name to Katy Perry (for fear of confusion with film star Kate Hudson), and she has now moved out to Los Angeles and been signed by Island Records. A new album was expected in 2005, but most of the songs never were released outside a few on myspace, and one on the soundtrack to award-winning, okay, well not award-winning, but tween dramedy, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Island drops her from their label. You might start seeing a trend here. Young Katy goes to Columbia Records now, asking to be in the driver’s seat of her next album. The studio wanted to pair her with recording hit-makers, The Matrix. The album was shelved…yet again. Though Blender called her “The Next Big Thing,” Columbia drops her from their label…

Is this the end of our failed Christian songstress?

Of course not! Now, what does every good Christian girl do when away from home and the church for too long and struggling to find success in the this new and exciting secular world? How about act out, be provocative, and “sex” yourself up? Oh, and write a song called, Ur So Gay. Wouldn’t you know it? Capitol Records was sold on this new Katy Perry!

What happened next is the Katy Perry everyone knows (and some people LOVE), with hits like I Kissed a Girl, Hot n Cold, and plenty of sexed up controversy. Oh the twists a path to fame takes…

Enjoy this preview!

Teenage Dream
California Girls featuring Snoop Dogg

Tomorrow we will have a new Gold Soundz feature…Request Line Tuesday! Write in your requests for albums and we’ll make sure to have them up one of these Tuesdays!

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