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Best Coast | Crazy For You

Mini Review

Oh the terrible, cold days of winter. How I miss and long for the sweet feel of summer! With those words, let us go back to those sunny days with Best Coast’s splendid beach pop summer debut EP from last year. With a shimmering sweet production, gorgeous vocals by Bethany Cosentino, that fabulous “dreams of California” album art, and a completely blithe spirit that carries through out, Crazy For You almost dares you not to like it. And like it, I think you will!

When I’m With You


Crazy For You


The Daily What

The Daily What is one of the very few websites that I look at at least once every single day. An all-over-the-place best of the web, you are bound to find something that interests you. I’ve spent literally hours, just flipping through their archives. Always on the pulse of the next viral video, the best pics from the web, and the most interesting articles, it’s not hard to see why they are my Web Love pick of the day.

Metric | iTunes Session

Mini Review

One of my absolute favorite albums of 2009 was Metric‘s return-to-form Fantasies album. It brought back the danceable, gorgeous melodies that I had loved from their debut, while keeping the subtle beauty of Emily’s sadder more downbeat and vulnerable solo efforts as Emily Haines and the Soft Skeletons. It was essentially the album I think everyone was hoping Metric would eventually put out.

As great as their studio albums are, their live performances are even more amazing. Whether its the soft then loud explosions of catchy hooks, or their stripped-back acoustic arrangements of their playful, thoughtful melodies, Metric knows how to put on a good show. This is why I was so excited to hear Metric recording an iTunes session. Though not really acoustic, it features new more intimate, more impactful arrangements of many of their greatest hits, including a fabulous cover of Buffalo Springfield’s Expecting to Fly. Other standouts include a beautiful stripped back version of their biggest hit from Fantasies, Gimme Sympathy and the Breeders-esque stunner, Help I’m Alive. The only thing that would make this better would be a live variation of Black Sheep (featured in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World). They left it off of Fantasies because they felt it “too obviously reflected the band’s sound.” Anyhoo, enjoy and have a splendid weekend….will be getting quite a few new posts up this weekend!

Gimme Sympathy (iTunes Version)

Expecting to Fly (Buffalo Springfield Cover)

Black Sheep


You know how sometimes you are surfing on the web and you find something really cool? And you bookmark it. And if you are like me, damnit, months later you can’t find that incredibly great scrap you were looking at before? If only you had a visual reference right? And, wouldn’t it be great, in the future, if you could just store or pin images you find on the web in one location that was easy to navigate, tag, sort, share. A clean and modern site that was a visual bookmarking of the web? A visual twitter of everything that you find and heart? That sounds amazing right? Well, the future is now. Pinterest is my new web love. Please make it yours and request an invite! Enjoy!

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