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Mini Review

Awhile back I posted the incredible debut EP from NY band Ambulance LTD. Still stuck in legal hell after recording their follow-up album in 2007 (that was to be produced by John Cale), most of the band has now split. I’ll be posting some demos lead singer and songwriter Marcus Congleton has been working on in the meantime in the coming weeks.

Okay, so why am I spending so much time talking about Ambulance LTD? Well Smith Western‘s second album releases this month and it’s healed my yearning for a new Ambulance LTD album.

Smith Western‘s debut showed sparks of solid song writing, but to be honest, the horribly lo-fi garage rock recordings made me question if the young band could ever become much more. It’s amazing the dramatic impact that better production and two years time can bring. Heavily influenced equally by the best parts of 90s Brit Pop and T. Rex-ish swagger, the band has made a dreamy and nostalgic masterpiece that should easily make my top albums of 2011. You can check them out locally (for those in Red) next month at The Triple Rock Social Club.


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