hulu plus

This week saw a huge announcement from The Criterion Collection and hulu. Starting immediately, hulu plus will now be the streaming movie home of Criterion’s ever expanding film collection (said to be over 800 movies from their collection by the end of the year). Suddenly the $7.99 we are paying currently per month for hulu plus seems like a steal. If it weren’t for the fabulous anime series Monster (I highly, highly recommend) that we have yet to finish, we were having difficulties justifying keeping it around. With Netflix and cable on-demand, hulu plus didn’t seem to have much of a differentiator. As I’ve posted before, Criterion makes the best packaging around and its special features are incredible. I’m hoping some of that carries over. Even without all the special features, the chance to watch some of the most important and influential movies ever at a touch of a button is worth celebrating.

I’ll soon be having a new pop watch feature celebrating the best in movies, tv and games…don’t be surprised to see quite a few come from this collection…