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Jason Fried: Why work doesn’t happen at work

Today marks the return of the daily updates…we have a massive Brain Candy post going up this evening, so large, it puts all previous ones to shame. Also coming this week, we countdown some of the years best music releases. In the meantime, fitting for a return to the office after a snowy weekend, a TED talk about why the office is the worst place to actually work. Enjoy!


Malcolm Gladwell on Spaghetti Sauce

At long last (it’s been a busy past month), near daily updates return. Enjoy this splendid TED talk with the ever brilliant Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers. Enjoy!

Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry Demo SixthSense

And I am back…look for daily updates to return this week…been a crazy past couple weeks…Anyhoo, please enjoy this absolutely mind blowing possible glimpse into the (near) future…And hope everyone had a lovely and safe Halloween!

Michael Merzenich on re-wiring the brain

Sorry about the lack of updates…been a crazy week, and just about ready to launch the new and improved version of the site. For now, enjoy this fascinating talk about the brain’s ability to actively re-wire itself. Oh, and look for in the next week the new features from our newest addition to the blogging team…a feature called Around Town…Hope everyone is well…some amazing albums are also on there way…okay I’m rambling!