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Massive Brain Candy coming later today along with new albums from Belle and Sebastian, Weezer, and more!

For now, enjoy this incredible video that has been making it’s way through the internets…wait until the singing starts and prepare to go on a surreal nightmare trip…



This video has been posted and reposted a million billion different places, but it still manages to put a good smile on my face. What I hadn’t seen until yesterday, was this great parody of the viral video brought to my attention by The Daily What. On a side note, keep an eye out for some new and fabulous Gold Soundz albums from the archives throughout the day…

I think there is very very little I can add to this…enjoy!

Related to our previous visit with TED, I thought it would be good to post this guide to internet memes…Also check out this in depth documentation and discussion of all internet memes,

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Courtesy of Online University