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As you can see we are making some big overhauls in terms of look and feel of the site…some music will be up tomorrow…delays delays delays…email will go out when finally up and fully running…


I’m very very very very very very sorry…..

The long promised, long anticipated (well perhaps anticipated) return of daily updates starts tomorrow! Yes…for real! A new format with the updates that will make it more inspiring, less all of over the place. Oh, and music returns with some of the most anticipated albums and new bands of 2011. I’ll be sending an email update tomorrow to those in red! Thanks for everyone’s patience!


Delay with posts, thank you Comcast! Have a lovely Tuesday, and look for updates later today including one of my favorite Reissued deluxe album releases of the year!


Tomorrow we will have a new Gold Soundz feature…Request Line Tuesday! Write in your requests for albums and we’ll make sure to have them up one of these Tuesdays!

Also, keep an eye out as we will be adding some new bloggers to the site this week…the world is a changin’!